Canopy MLS

We’re excited to share the following news.

Our new brand identity is launching!

In May, we announced that our new name would be one that unites all our entities. Canopy was chosen because it is all-encompassing of our mission, services and resources. It also signifies the "coverage" we offer our members.

Here are just a few examples of how our canopy of services "covers" our members’ needs:

  • Professional training and development
  • Support (Member Services and Realtor® Store)
  • Continuing education/Realtor® Hot Topics
  • Leadership development
  • Access to a business network
  • Advocacy
  • Community outreach and/or engagement

Canopy is tied to Charlotte and the region.

Throughout the Charlotte region stretches one of the most impressive tree canopies found in an urban area of the United States. It blankets 46% of the land with a goal of 50% by 2050. This natural protection that ascends overhead symbolizes our longstanding legacy we’ve always delivered to our members: an environment where you’re shielded from the harsh elements of the market and can receive professional training, support, resources and access to a sprawling business network.

Where all are welcome to come congregate, thrive and succeed under the canopy. Our new state-of-the-art headquarters is designed to do just that.

Introducing our new logos, colors, logomark and tagline.

When we announced the name change, we did not have the final logos and colors. The new logos and colors were approved at the Association Board of Directors meeting on June 27, 2019.

Our logomarks symbolize home ownership and opportunity.

More about the logos:

We continue to work through NAR’s approval process to change our name to Canopy Realtor® Association. To launch our newly-branded family, we have incorporated a housing icon into our current name. The following logos are under the "canopy" brand.

Charlotte Regional Realtor® Association

The Canopy Real Estate Institute logo represents the Association’s commitment to education and professional development. The legacy of the Mingle name will live on through the annual presentation of the Vane Mingle Rookie of the Year award.

Canopy Real Estate Institute

The Canopy Housing Foundation logo represents the Association’s commitment to creating a community where all housing needs are met and where Realtors® and the community together can make an impact through advocacy, education, funding and leadership.

Canopy Housing Foundation

The Canopy MLS logo places emphasis on "MLS" vs. where the MLS is located. This logo was intentionally designed to support our regionalization. The blue is representative of Carolina blue skies and our infinite opportunities for growth.

Canopy MLS

Supported by the tagline: Opportunity resides here.

"Opportunity" represents our belief in homeownership. And our foundation’s legacy of creating a community where all housing needs are met.

For our members we provide the "opportunity" to learn and grow in their profession.

"Resides" is helping people take up residence in a place they call home.

Over the next several months you will see a transition to our new brand.

We look forward to showcasing how "opportunity resides here" for all our members and subscribers!

Your feedback is always welcome, so please email me at

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Brenda Hayden
2019 President, Charlotte Regional Realtor® Association and Canopy MLS