Canopy Realtor® Association

It’s official!

The National Association of Realtors® approved Canopy Realtor® Association as our new name. Our new name highlights our area’s greatest natural asset and celebrates our identity as a top urban forest in the nation.

Why canopy?

Selecting our new name was done with intentionality and specific timing. With the building of a new headquarters, the association wanted to create a new identity that would unite and link all of its entities under one brand.

Just as a canopy provides coverage and protection, we’re the professional trade association focused on providing the "coverage and protection" our members need to succeed. That means delivering the optimum services, resources, technology, continuing education and professional development available in the industry. Watch our brand story video.

Did you know?

The vast tree canopy across our region has long been a source of pride, identity and national recognition.

"Charlotte’s tree canopy defines us."
Vi Lyles, Mayor of Charlotte

"Charlotte’s canopy is the "Queen's Crown."
Patrick George, Founder of Queen's Crown

What’s under the canopy?


Canopy Realtor® Association

A commitment to our mission to lead, educate and equip members to be productive.

Professional training and development, member services, Realtor Store/Notary, continuing education, leadership development, access to networks, community outreach and service.

Canopy Realtor® Association

Canopy MLS is the private cooperative Realtors® use for access to tens of thousands of residential listings in a 24-county service area, including Charlotte, the mountains area of North Carolina, South Carolina, and beyond.

Real estate professionals count on Canopy MLS to provide reliable, up-to-date market information, facilitate cooperation, and adhere to a set of norms and rules that make the market work.

Canopy Housing Foundation

Canopy is symbolic of shelter. Through Canopy Housing Foundation, Realtors® are working hand-in-hand with individuals, organizations and corporate partners to strengthen our community.

Canopy Housing Foundation works to address unmet housing needs and advocates for fair and affordable housing standards and practices.

Canopy Real Estate Institute

Formerly Mingle School of Real Estate, our new name better reflects the breadth of professional development and education offered in a state-of-the-art learning environment.

Canopy Real Estate Institute provides all the coverage needed from entering the profession to building a life-long career.

Our canopy continues to grow.

On November 22, our association held a membership meeting to vote on the merger of Haywood Realtor® Association in Haywood County just west of Asheville. The vote was unanimous to have them become part of our association.

With Canopy MLS already serving the area, this merger solidifies our foothold in the mountains, which is a good position for our association in the long term.

Now our association’s jurisdiction extends beyond the Charlotte region, supporting the new name "Canopy" to better reflect our geographic coverage.

Canopy MLS is now a dual state MLS with the recent acquisition of Piedmont Regional Multiple Listing Service, which serves York, Lancaster and Chester counties in South Carolina.